The Kraken 50 is designed to be the perfect short-handed blue water cruising yacht.

The Kraken 58 is designed to be the optimum family friendly blue water cruising yacht.

The Kraken 66 is designed to be the ultimate luxury blue water cruising yacht.

Wow, a truly amazing yacht"


- Sam Jefferson, Sailing Today 


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Ocean Sailor Magazine 

In this bumper 53 page issue…

Dick Durham interviews Adam & Khiara from the YouTube channel ‘Sailing Millennial Falcon’.

We also cover the commissioning of the latest Kraken 50, Sofia Marie and much much more!


The failure of Tyger of London’s keel is a timely reminder that a yacht’s keel is a safety critical item "


Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents

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Kraken - The Cover Story

We’re delighted to have been featured on the front cover of the worlds sailing press over the past 2 years.


We have compiled the latest press coverage on Kraken Yachts including reviews of the K66 and K50 from some of the most well known sailing journalists and publications. 


Discover the


Rudder System


Introducing the ALPHA Rudder System, now featured on all Kraken Yachts

Kraken Yachts is dedicated to the continued design and development of the ultimate blue water world cruising yacht. 


One of the most vulnerable elements of any yacht is its rudder and steering gear. 


The loss of steerage poses a very real threat to the yacht and crew safety. We are proud to announce the ALPHA™ rudder system. This comprises four unique features which hugely improve the crews ability to continue steering throughout circumstances that would disable most other yachts.


Discover Kraken design features

Each Kraken is meticulously designed with key features to maximise blue water performance. Our new interactive page allows you to see each and every feature that makes Kraken the ultimate range of blue water cruisers.

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