Kraken Yachts’ ethos is born out of the passionate belief that yachts should be designed and built with a single and specific purpose in mind. 


Many yachts are now conceived, constructed and marketed to be all things to all people, but such compromising cannot work for genuine blue water cruisers. The inevitable result is compromised safety, compromised comfort at sea or compromised performance. 


There is no such thing as a yacht that is suitable for all purposes. Which is why Kraken’s yachts are ‘built for one purpose’ – namely to be the ideal blue water cruisers.

Kraken Yachts believes that to achieve and incorporate all the attributes required by a yacht for a specific purpose, it should be designed and built specifically for that purpose. 

For example, Kraken’s unique integral Zero Keel™ (with zero keel bolts to fail) is longer than many for greater directional stability, and has lead encapsulated in the keel bulb contributing greatly to the high ballast ratio and kindly motion in a heavy seaway.


A Kraken’s rudder is supported and protected against UFOs (unidentified floating objects) by an integral full-depth skegg. Kraken’s twin headsail rig – controlled from the safety of the cockpit – is easily handled and is adaptable to all wind conditions.  These - and several other Kraken features - are rarely found on modern mass produced cruisers. Indeed, even costlier new semi-custom cruisers often come with cast iron keels or unprotected spade rudders. We consider such cost-cutting compromises to be unsuited to yachts marketed as blue water cruisers.

The Kraken Yachts team - based in Hong Kong - draws on the experience of the best professionals and suppliers from around the world. 


At Kraken we design and build yachts that are ‘’Built for Purpose” and “Crafted for life”, to be the best blue water cruising yachts afloat.




Chairman Dick Beaumont introduces the new Kraken luxury sailing yachts range

Why are we launching a new range of luxury sailing yachts?


I have covered 70,000 miles over nine years in my current 58’ cruiser Moonshadow, custom built for me in the Far East. Now I realise that the opportunity to purchase a new true blue water cruising yacht with the features that I believe to be vital is becoming very difficult to find, as modern designs nowadays chase performance and reduced costs more than ever. 


Even premium yacht brands have moved towards designs and features that can best be described as ‘performance cruiser’  in an effort to increase sales appeal to a wider market. 

We think that it is a mistake to try to be all things to all people, so at Kraken we focus simply on building the very best cruising yachts. It's an easy message to give to our potential clients ‘ if you want a yacht to sail across oceans and to find adventure in, come to us, it’s what we do’.

I believe an integral keel that cannot fall off and a full skeg-hung rudder that is fully protected from floating debris and grounding are two such features that must never be compromised. This eliminates most of the yacht designs in build today.

I also discovered over many miles of cruising that a huge improvement in safety and comfort can be gained if you design in blue water cruising features from the word go.


I believe we can do a better job than other yacht brands by understanding exactly what our yachts are built for and not compromising this in any way.


How do Kraken yachts offer such great value for money?

We build in China – as do other award winning yacht brands – because the cost of highly skilled craftsmen is lower. Added to that, many of the materials and equipment installed in the world’s top quality yachts are now made in the Far East. And the best quality timbers for yacht building are grown in the South East Asia region.

We work in partnership with a world renowned yacht building facility in China and our team, all of whom are experienced blue water yachtsmen, closely monitor all aspects of design and production.

What are other benefits offered by the new Kraken 66?


The new Kraken 66’s dual headsail rig and in-boom furling mainsail (which can still be lowered if the mechanism jams – unlike in-mast furling) make it simple for one crew to reef all sails. The rig is efficient and adaptable in all conditions.


Her interior pilot station - located in the forward area of the raised saloon - has excellent visibilty forward. So watches can be split between inside and outside in a way that is normally only possible on a Superyacht. And her advanced hydraulic and electrical systems allow push button control of almost every element of the yacht’s systems. This, when added to the on board PLC, makes the most complex of systems simple and easy to use.


We have also built in multiple layers of redundancy in every support system. For example, even in the unlikely event that both Northern Lights generators failed we will still have aircon, cold beer and ice in our gin and tonics!