The crew are at their most vulnerable when they are moving around the boat either above or below decks whilst the boat is under way. When under way, the Kevin Dibley designed yachts have a sea kindly motion with minimal pitching or slamming.  


Around deck – High safe bulwarks prevent accidental slipping off the edge of the deck.  Higher stanchions with three guard wires and plenty of good handholds ensure maximum safety when moving around the deck. 


In the cockpit – The cockpit is a safe haven in bad weather and not cramped when alongside or at anchor. The cockpit is deep and well protected with good handholds in the right places and a large robust cockpit table that can be used to brace on. Seat backs are high and slightly angled for greater comfort.


Raised nav station – A large contributing factor towards accidents on a yacht is caused through personal fatigue and the onset of fatigue is accelerated when your crew are cold and wet. On a Kraken Yacht there is no requirement to spend hours on end out in the cold and wet keeping watch. All of our yachts have a raised internal nav station where you can sit in the dry and warmth for the majority of your time on watch. 


Down below - Moving around the boat when underway in rougher conditions can be challenging at the best of times, which is why all Kraken yachts have plenty of hand holds in the right places.  One aspect that is overlooked in many yachts is the potential hazard posed by sharp corners, especially on the fiddles. Here at Kraken, we have radiused corners and rounded fiddles along with plenty of bracing positions to reduce the chance of sustaining a bad injury during rough conditions. 

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