Enter The Dragon

We are delighted to announce that our flagship Kraken 66 White Dragon launched on the 21st October 2016. She arrived in Hong Kong on the 10th November.


At Kraken Yachts our ethos has been to design and develop quality, true blue water cruising yachts that offer owners the safety, comfort and build quality that they need to sail offshore with their friends and family. Whether Kraken owners want to sail and live in luxury based on a home port, or head off across oceans, Kraken yachts offer the best of life on board and at sea.


In taking the Kraken ethos to the ultimate level in our new flagship White Dragon, a Kraken 66, we have employed and designed systems and features that demonstrate what can be done using the best equipment and innovations available today.


We have built a yacht that is as self sufficient and failure proof as possible, whilst maintaining the principle that she must be as easy to sail short handed as a much smaller yacht.



To reduce the source of common failures on yachts, we focussed our attention on removing as many electrical motors as possible and have developed an unparalleled hydraulic system that can normally only be found in super-yachts.


The hydraulic system is used to provide power to the type of equipment that improves handling, and to simplify operations on board.


We believe White Dragon is the ultimate world cruising yacht. 


Kraken Yacht's White Dragon Logo