Kraken 50

New Upgraded ‘Full Sail-Away’ Specification

The Kraken 50 is designed to be the perfect short-handed blue water cruising yacht.

Due to her exceptionally steady motion and stability, her crew will be equally comfortable at sea or in the anchorage, and special consideration has been given in the K50 layouts above and below deck to allow for short-handed ocean passage making.

Our understanding of what is needed for worry free ocean sailing, has lead to the development of many
unique features. These features will enhance the experience of crossing oceans and living on board for weeks, months, or even years at a time. The below deck and cockpit accommodation provides ample space for living, whilst at the same time allowing plenty of room for stowage.

At Kraken we work with you. We listen to your passage expectations, destinations and crew requirements and tailor the layout, interior design and equipment to your choice. Each Kraken yacht is custom built to match your dream.

The major attribute of all Kraken yachts though is their strength and build quality.

Every Kraken yacht features our renowned integral Zero Keel and fully skegged rudder. Our yachts are built robustly in every element of their construction, so that they can take the rigours of the open ocean and protect the crew in all weather and sea states, come what may.

Every Kraken yacht features the dual-headed Solent rig as standard. This exceptional rig provides a wide choice of sail configurations to optimise sailing in all wind directions and strengths whilst, at the same time, being easy to handle by short-handed or family crews.

Kraken 50 ft Sailing Yacht
  • Easily driven hull with full length skeg hung rudder

  • Integral lead ballast for maximum stability

  • Transom platform for easy access to the water

  • Transom and side gates for boarding

  • All sail controls are cockpit led

  • Secure deep cockpit with protected companion way

  • Comfortable seating around cockpit table for eight

  • Easily reached sail controls from the helm

  • Choice of solid timber interiors and layouts

  • Customisable interiors according to requirements

  • Kevlar reinforced forward sections for impact resistance








Custom layouts available, call or email for details

Sail Plan

Kraken 50 ft Sailing Yacht Sail Plan