The Kraken 66 is designed to be the ultimate luxury blue water cruising yacht.


The Kraken 66 is the fleet's flagship and leads the design criteria of comfort, safety, reliability and performance. The Kraken 66 has been developed as the ideal cruising yacht for those that love sailing and want to go places but would like to do it without the need for crew. At 66 feet in length and with numerous features to make handling her in all situations and conditions, as easy as a much smaller yacht. She can be cruised in comfort by a short-handed crew or just a couple. The hydraulic power pack option provides instant power for all winches and sail controls including foresail furlers.

From the comfort of a wide helm seat, the helmsman is connected to all features of the sail plan via controls at the console or winches. Understanding the ability to make adjustments from the helm, whilst crew are elsewhere, relieves the stress and concern of sailing.

Her spacious cockpit is matched  with an equally voluminous interior, with forward facing watch and navigation stations, located close to centre of the boat. This position gives maximum comfort and the adjustable chair gives the visibility and sense of purpose one would expect in a captain's chair of a super-yacht. This mini super-yacht has been built to accommodate every luxury one would expect aboard a yacht two or three times its size. The 66 is built to accommodate an outstanding option list including numerous high-end domestic appliances and amenities.


For a blue water yacht of this size to include such a degree of specification at this price is unrivalled.

Standard sail away specification €1,676,000 EUR



Kraken 66 ft Luxury Sailing Yacht Interior Layout

Deck Plan

Kraken 66 ft Luxury Sailing Yacht Deck Plan

Sail Plan

Kraken 66 ft Luxury Sailing Yacht Sail Plan