Kevin Dibley

Dibley Marine Design, headed up by Kevin Dibley based in New Zealand, has recently been awarded ‘Asian Marine & Boating  - Yacht Designer of the Year’.  Kevin Dibley has these words to say about Kraken Yachts:


“When we were first approached by Kraken to design it’s range of yachts, we spent quite some time with Kraken’s Chairman, Dick Beaumont discussing what features constituted a true bluewater cruising yacht. We felt we had a very good grasp of what was required, and Dick also had very firm ideas based on his many years of cruising the globe. The features that stood out for both of us were sea kindliness, great stability, good load carrying capacity, balance and performance. That all may seem quite basic and straightforward but to bring all that together, requires careful design and never losing sight of those parameters that make for a great cruising yacht.


With my many years working alongside famed America’s Cup yacht designer, Laurie Davidson, he instilled in me the importance of displacement, volume distribution and the relevant ratios and coefficients that get tagged along with these. Laurie was told of this design process by the late Olin Stephens of the famed ‘Sparkman and Stephens’ design firm out of New York, when Laurie was visiting during the early 1970’s. It’s a design process that he always followed and is well practised over the years by our design studio. It doesn’t matter whether it is a full out light displacement Racing Yacht, or heavy displacement Cruising Yacht, it’s proved gold in all our designs.


No yacht sails level when underway so when designing we always look at the heeled waterlines and how they will affect the balance and directional stability of the hull. 

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