Is this the safest bluewater cruising yacht in the world?

Kraken sea trial the brand new K50

The first results have just come in for the much anticipated, first sea trials of the Kraken 50 and on all points of sail she has exceeded the production team’s expectations.


The light airs on Xiamen harbour allowed the commissioning team to trial the boat’s sail performance in calm conditions, which as all sailors know are when the best trimming skills are required.

‘On all points of sail we maintained headway and momentum in 1-5 knots of wind, ‘ said Roger Goldsmith, ‘As the wind speeds increased during the week, we achieved eight knots of boat speed in 12-15 knots of True wind.’

The sail plan of the Kraken 50 utilises the twin headsail Solent rig, popular aboard world cruising yachts. When sailing upwind, the 95% jib comes into its own, and the sheeting angle allows for close-hauled sailing to be achieved without loss of boat speed. The dedicated upwind sail configuration provides a stable and predictable motion and allows for much improved VMGs. 

When sailing with larger apparent wind angles the use of the 135% reaching genoa provides the drive and stability of a conventional cruising genoa. However, like the upwind jib this sail is optimised for a specific wind angle and is the sail of choice when reaching and broad reaching. This sail has been developed to generate excellent drive using a fuller sail shape. The reaching genoa uses the sail maker’s extensive experience in offshore sail technology. Doyle Sails have been chosen to provide the canvas for all Kraken yachts. The Kraken sail trial team were joined by Mark Fullerton, MD of Doyle China. Mark was impressed with the performance on all points of sail. 

‘The easily handled and efficient sail plan and cockpit-led sail controls show that Kraken are determined to build yachts that have safety and ease of handling as a priority. They have developed an exceptional sailing yacht and I can’t wait to see more of them,’ he said.

Roger added: ‘During the trials we were able to test the single-line reefing system which is easily managed from the safety and protection of the cockpit.

‘The owner of the Kraken 50 has chosen to install a full compliment of electric cockpit winches which are powered by the standard 24VDC system. This option allows for all sails to be managed at the touch of the well-placed winch buttons. The mainsail hoist and all sail trimming can be handled with ease and can easily be managed by the helmsman or crew in the cockpit.’ 

As the wind strength increased to the mid-twenties, the Kraken ZERO Keel demonstrated the improved stability from the low centre of gravity of the fully integral and encapsulated lead bulb ballast and also improved the directional stability of the increased chord length keel. In all it makes for a stiff yacht under sail. 

The helm feedback is positive and sail trim changes provided sail balance as the designer intended. 

Also under test was the Bruntons ‘Autoprop’, auto-pitching propeller which provided the best blade angle during motoring and motor –sailing trials. The Yanmar Common-rail direct injection engine was found to run quietly and efficiently. Under cruising speed of seven knots at 2500RPM provided exceptional fuel efficiency of four litres of diesel per hour. With fuel tanks of 860 litres total capacity the achievable cruising range under power alone is exceptional. When motor sailing the fuel consumption figures drop significantly and therefore extend the range enormously.

This first Kraken 50 is destined for a client looking forward to world sailing adventures and is specified with numerous features and options to make the yacht a comfortable home whilst enjoying hard-to-reach cruising grounds. ‘Northern Lights’ generator, full tropical air-conditioning, rigid cockpit screen with connected bimini and spray-hood, electrically operated davits, bow thruster, water maker, advanced fuel management system and full suite of B&G navigation electronics have been installed and will make the boat a genuine blue water cruising yacht. 

Numerous other Kraken design features that appear as standard aboard all Kraken yachts, include moulded concave bulwarks, high stanchions and well-placed hand-holds for security at sea. 

The Kraken 50 is available to order now for 2020 delivery. Full sail away specification including generator $789,000 USD