March 2017

Kraken 50 In Build

The Kraken 50 is our second model to be put into production. The first model - the new Kraken 66 - was launched in December 2016 and is currently cruising around the South China Sea.


Designed in New Zealand by Dibley Marine Yacht Design, Kraken’s yachts are true blue water cruisers. 


A versatile twin headsail rig gives outstanding upwind and downwind performance and is easily handled by a small crew in all weathers. 


The Kraken 50 also offers comfort, stability and safety at sea (thanks to Kraken’s integral Zero Keel™), while the semi-custom interior and finish are to a very high standard. And as a bonus, all Krakens are exceptional value for money.


The Kraken 50 mould tools are well under way at the yard of long established and multiple award-winning builders Xiamen Hansheng Yacht Building Co in China.


The first stage is to build the plugs (over which the mould tools will be manufactured). The picture below shows the hull plug well under way. The hull lines are lofted and a former is then built; over which successive layers of diagonal planking are ‘cold moulded’ to produce a hull. This is faired, painted and polished and the hull mould tool is then laminated over it.


The keel plug (shown on the hull plug above) has been built. When the yacht is moulded, the lead ballast is fixed inside the streamlined bulb at the base of the keel, making the GRP keel an integral part of the hull. Zero bolts are needed to hold it in place; hence the term Zero Keel™. This is the first bulbed keel to be made as an integral part of a yacht's hull.


It is also worth noting that the hydrodynamic bulb puts the Centre of Gravity very low, greatly increasing stability. The keel is also long (as well as efficient) and thus ensures excellent directional stability - which is vital to any blue water cruiser designed to be easy to handle by a small crew.


The unique Zero Keel ™ is ever more valuable as the oceans become littered with floating hazards. Several IMOCA 60 yachts competing in the recent Vendée Globe around the world race suffered serious damage - including rudder and keel loss in some cases - as a result of hitting UFOs (unidentified floating objects). The image below shows how our Zero keel works – with zero keel bolts required - and how a substantial skeg protects the rudder.

We anticipate that the first Kraken 50 will be launched at the end of this year.


Kraken 50 ft Bluewater Sailing Yacht Render