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Safety Of The Boat

When we talk about safety at sea as a manufacturer, there are two distinct elements that must be taken into consideration - Safety of the boat and safety of the crew. Protection of the yacht below the waterline against groundings and UFO’s (Unidentified Floating Objects) is one of the foremost considerations when we design a Kraken yacht

Safety Of The Crew

The crew are at their most vulnerable when they are moving around the boat either above or below decks whilst the boat is under way. When under way, the Kevin Dibley designed yachts have a sea kindly motion with minimal pitching or slamming.  

Our Zero Keel

Zero bolts and Zero chance of falling off. A simple concept executed in the way only Kraken can. Our Zero Keel is across our range of yachts and is a truly essential feature of our safety philosophy.

Skeg Hung Rudder

In the old days, the rudder on a typical blue water cruiser was hung on the back of a long keel. Indeed the occasional retro-design still has this feature.


Then in the ‘60s leading yacht designers such as Sparkman & Stephens moved to fin keels and hung the rudder on a skeg. This became the norm for cruiser-racers until – in pursuit of ever more speed – skegs began to disappear and most rudders became ‘stand-alone’ spades.


However the vast majority of blue water cruisers hung onto their skegs. Sailors and designers valued the extra support, strength and protection that a skeg undoubtedly provides. And as ever-more unidentified floating objects (UFOs) now litter the oceans, this protection is even more important.

So why have almost all large modern production cruisers abandoned their skegs?

Sensible Sail Plan

Each Kraken yacht’s twin foresail rig - comprising 100% fore-triangle jib and overlapping genoa - gives maximum flexibility for top performance. Combined with our high aspect-ratio rigs and easy to operate sail reefing systems, sailing in light and heavy conditions alike is much easier thanks to the ease of setting the right sail area for the weather conditions. 

Kevin Dibley

Yacht designer of the year 2017

Kevin Dibley Marine Design, headed up by Kevin Dibley based in New Zealand, has recently been awarded ‘Asian Marine & Boating  - Yacht Designer of the Year’. 

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