Our yachts are designed to take their owners all over the world in safety and comfort, and are built to minimise the problems that you can encounter out at sea. However, we all know that the marine environment and weather takes its toll on the equipment that is fitted to your boat and inevitably there will be times when such items of equipment go wrong.  Our world-wide support doesn’t just consist of Kraken employees, but also a reliable network of service agents scattered all over the globe. Wherever you sail in the world you can be sure that help and advice is only a phone call away.  

Reference material to each yacht held on line for a period of 5 years free of charge and extendable indefinitely for the storage and client access to technical information relating to each yacht. Drawings, equipment manuals and detailed information is available for access by owners to ensure information is never lost. 

Technical information and changes to specification can be logged as part of this service to ensure up to date records of yacht systems are maintained at all times. 

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