Is this the safest bluewater cruising yacht in the world? Kraken sea trial the brand new K50

The first results have just come in for the much anticipated, first sea trials of the Kraken 50 and on all points of sail she has exceeded the production team’s expectations.

The light airs on Xiamen harbour allowed the commissioning team to trial the boat’s sail performance in calm conditions, which as all sailors know are when the best trimming skills are required.


‘On all points of sail we maintained headway and momentum in 1-5 knots of wind, ‘ said Roger Goldsmith, ‘As the wind speeds increased during the week, we achieved eight knots of boat speed in 12-15 knots of True wind.’

Kraken expands yacht production into Europe

Kraken Yachts has opened production in Turkey to cater for increased interest from cruising sailors based in Europe and on the East Coast of America. 


SU Marine, which has four 50m yacht-building bays, is based in Tuzla near Istanbul, a city at the crossroads of east and west on the shores of the Marmara Sea and the Bosporus, where ship-building has taken place since the sailors of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires needed to get afloat.

Dick Beaumont, Chairman of Kraken Yachts, said:


‘I am delighted we are opening production in the Med as I know from experience it is the best location to start a global cruise as the winds are generally light; the area is culturally friendly and the waters are protected.’ 

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Read the review of White Dragon in Sail Magazine

A 9,000-mile cruise from Hong Kong to Cape Town isn't a typi­cal shakedown for a new boat, but it convinced Kraken Yachts founder Dick Beaumont that White Dragon, his new Kraken 66, was the boat he hoped it would be.


Based in Hong Kong, Beaumont and co-founder Roger Goldsmith started the company two years ago with the intention of building a line of luxury bluewater cruis­ers to take on the likes of Oyster and Discovery Yachts. I joined them in Cape Town to put the boat through its paces. 

Sail Magazine April 2018 Edition Front Cover

Read the review of White Dragon in Sail Magazine

Leading correspondents from the sailing industry and prospective clients were recently invited to test sail the flagship 66 ft yacht of the Kraken range, ‘White Dragon’. Cape Town and the surrounding coastline offered a beautiful backdrop for the event whilst the changeable weather provided perfect testing conditions for a yacht designed to sail around the world. 


This coastline and the Southern Ocean can be a formidable cruising ground and winds up to 60 knots were recorded during the event. ‘White Dragon’ took everything in her stride, ensuring those onboard sailed in comfort and safety. Comments were made regularly to praise the performance, motion and stability of ‘White Dragon’, even in rough conditions.

Sailing Today April 2018 Edition front cover