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Kraken 66 - Sail Magazine June 2018 Review


We are delighted to have received a review of the Kraken 50 for Sailing Magazine, from the well respected designer Robert Perry. In his article Bob looks at the design and features of the Kraken 50 and talks with expert insight on Kevin Dibley's design. 

" Kevin Dibley, the designer of the new Kraken 50, is an old mate of mine and always provides me with enough “meat” to the design to allow me to do an accurate review. For that I am grateful. This new luxury cruising boat is built in China by Hansheng Yachts and is designed to combine comfort and performance. We hear that all the time but in this case, with Kevin as the designer, I think we can actually believe it. 

It’s nice to have a full set of hull lines. This is a beamy boat with an L/B of 3.39 on a beam max of 14 feet 9 inches. Beam is carried well aft as is the current style. It’s hard to argue with the additional deck space and interior volume this creates, along with more sailing length, additional stability and a huge swim platform. Draft is 7 feet 6 inches with all the lead ballast near the keel tip for a very low VCG. Everyone likes a stiff boat. 

On a boat this size I would like to see at least a partially balanced rudder and Kevin echoes that feeling. But the client wanted a full skeg and that’s what he got. Skegs can be a challenge to build and the lack of “balance” area to the rudder means you can end up with more helm pressure than you would like. But, if the boat is well balanced, and I suspect this one will be, it should not be an issue"....Read and download the full review below. 

This article has been gratefully reproduced from Sailing Magazine

Kraken 50 Render from front

 This well-appointed offshore cruiser is made to cross oceans in style 

Kraken 50 Render from behind