Rudder System


Introducing the ALPHA Rudder System, now featured on all Kraken Yachts

Kraken Yachts is dedicated to the continued design and development of the ultimate blue water world cruising yacht. 


One of the most vulnerable elements of any yacht is its rudder and steering gear. 


The loss of steerage poses a very real threat to the yacht and crew safety. We are proud to announce the ALPHA™ rudder system. This comprises four unique features which hugely improve the crews ability to continue steering throughout circumstances that would disable most other yachts.

The four elements that make our

ALPHA Rudder System unique



Reinforced Full Rudder Skeg

To fully protect the rudder from collision damage from floating debris and accidental grounding  the alpha rudder system incorporates a full length skeg which is engineered with an internal reinforced stainless steel beam.


The skegs leading edge is angled to greatly reduces the risk of lines or debris getting caught around the rudder.


In-Water Removable Bearing System

The main bearing of the rudder shaft should be removed and serviced yearly but in ALL other yacht steering systems this requires the yacht to be hauled out. When world cruising its likely that facilities to do so may not be available until very much later than is ideal but the ALPHA™ rudder system main rudder bearing is removable from inside the vessel and there is no need to haul out to service or replace this vital bearing, it can even be replaced at sea under way if needed. 


Three Bearing System 

The ALPHA™ system has three rudder bearings, to provide much better support for the rudder and rudder shaft compared to a rudder and shaft with one or two

The bottom pintle bearing is a simple vasconite bush bearing , the main and central bearing is a Jeffa needle rolling bearing, which requires regular servicing, the top bulkhead bearing is also a simple vasconite bearing which is removable so that the main bearing can be pulled up on the rudder shaft for easy servicing. It can be fully removed over the top of the rudder shaft for replacement. If it is necessary to inspect or replace the main bearing this can be done because the shaft is held straight and secure by the top and bottom bearings while the main bearing is checked or replaced.


Fast installation Emergency Steering system

To prepare for an ocean passage one has to think the unthinkable and have a plan to overcome such extreme problems to ensure ultimate safety on board. The loss of steerage is one of those unthinkable events that has driven many yachtsmen to abandon their otherwise viable yacht. As part of the Alpha steering system have designed in the ability to install an emergency tiller very quickly. The emergency tiller can be installed and operated in less than 5 minutes without the need to enter or remove equipment from the stern lazarette.