The perfect yacht for you

More experience = better understanding = better solutions = the perfect yacht for you

Dick Beaumont (founder and chairman of Kraken Yachts Ltd) and his 66ft White Dragon (recent winner of Sailing Today magazine's ‘Best Bluewater Cruiser’ award) have just completed a successful shakedown cruise from Hong Kong to South Africa.


They paused in Cape Town so that several sailors interested in buying a Kraken could fly in to see White Dragon and have a trial sail in the winter sunshine.

One very experienced visiting yachtsman (who had previously lived on board for four years while circumnavigating) commented on the quality of White Dragon’s joinery and use of proper wood (teak). He also said that the Kraken Yachts team has the answers to questions that any experienced yachtsman might ask - and many solutions to issues he might not even have considered.

Fresh from his first White Dragon bluewater cruise, Dick Beaumont now sums up key elements of his Kraken ethos for building boats that are truly ‘fit for purpose’ as follows:

Sailing the Kraken across the ocean

More Experience

Every person employed and involved in the development of our yachts is an experienced sailor and we all have a deep passion for ocean sailing and cruising.

I and Roger Goldsmith (Kraken's Managing Director) have between us sailed over a quarter of a million miles. 

Better Understanding

There’s a huge difference between going on a short sailing trip for a few weeks and living on and sailing a yacht across oceans. The yacht becomes your home.


So we employ all our experience to work out exactly what a bluewater cruising yacht must have - its sailing characteristics, its equipment, its accommodation and its furnishings.  Between us, we have lived onboard for more than twenty years of our lives. It's all about the detail.

Sailing the Kraken with sails blowing

Better Solutions

We don't start from the position of designing a nice looking yacht, then wondering what we can fit in it.


We start from the other end. We know and therefore concentrate on what the yacht must be able to do and what it needs to achieve our goal. That goal is to build the ultimate bluewater cruising yacht. 

A Perfect Yacht For You

We then talk to the you, ask who will sail on your yacht, how many people will crew it with you, and of what age and sailing experience they are. We also ask where you expect to sail your yacht and what you want it to help you to achieve.


Then we design those requirements into the layout and equipment specification of the yacht. Then we build your yacht. It's all about You.

That’s how and why a Kraken Yacht differs from all other yachts in its development, its design and its build.

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