Top Quality Sails…Sensible As Standard 

The quality and cut of the sails play a major part in any yacht’s performance; whether racing or cruising. But sadly many modern production yachts come with standard, low-cost sails that neither last nor hold their optimum shape for long. It’s a classic case of ‘spoiling the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar.’


Kraken chairman Dick Beaumont has sailed over 100,000 miles in various yachts and was determined to do better. So he went to North Sails to supply a wardrobe of 3DL TF2 sails.

Burns Fallow of North Sails explained that the core of these Kraken sails - a blend of superstrong Aramid and Carbon fibres - is made in one piece (as opposed to panels sewn together) on North Sails’ unique articulating sail mould. This enables the three-dimensional computer-created CAD/CAE design to be accurately reproduced while the tensile strength of the Aramid/Carbon core retains this perfect shape.



To give superior chafe and tear resistance as well as UV protection, a North TF (taffeta/film) is then added to each side of a 3DL TF2 sail.



Burns says; “The Kraken yachts are clearly very well thought out for the serious offshore cruising sailor.” He also contributed to their rig design, adding “Sail handling systems are important, as is a nice cross over when it comes to areas between different sails.” And what about ongoing service? Burns says; “We have the greatest number of service locations spread all around the world. Being able to offer help if needed throughout the lifespan of our sails is important.”


The result is a robust and beautifully shaped sail to provide top performance for years to come and stand up to the rigours of blue water cruising. It’s worth remembering that North Sails also supply world girdling Volvo racers and IMOCA 60s; perhaps the ultimate tests for durable high performance sails.




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"The Kraken yachts are clearly very well thought out for the serious offshore cruising sailor.”