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We are delighted to have received a review of the Kraken 66 from Yachting World, Toby Hodges stepped aboard White Dragon off the coast of Cape Town to experience true blue water cruising.

“If you don’t like the weather in Cape Town, wait ten minutes,” is an adage the local skipper of the first Kraken 66 told us as we set sail. Thankfully, we had a good couple of days to test White Dragon, sailing around the stunning Cape Peninsula – but he was right about the ‘variable’ conditions. It would change from intense heat without a breath of wind one minute to an unsettling dense mist and coldForce 5 the next.

We’d chosen the ideal location to do a proper boat test on a bluewater cruiser built by a new brand with the specific requirement to be able to sail anywhere safely and comfortably. Still, as the first day passed, the conditions felt a little benign compared with the legendary Cape Doctor reputation. As we awoke off Simon’s Town on the second morning, however, the wind was already whistling off the mountains. By the time we’d breakfasted, readied the boat and shipped the anchor, 45-knot gusts were already ripping the tops off any swell trying to make its way into False Bay. I smiled: we were going to get the very conditions we had come all this way for, to test the boat in the winds she was bred to handle. "

This article has been gratefully reproduced from the May issue of Yachting World

"I smiled: we were going to get the very conditions we had come all this way for, to test the boat in the winds she was bred to handle."

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