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Why We designed the Zero Keel

It is named the ZERO keel system “because it has zero bolts and zero risk of falling off the hull. The integral lead bulb also provides a low centre of gravity and a sleek hydrodynamic shape to enhance performance.”

The lead ballast bulb is situated inside the base of a long and robust GRP fin keel that is moulded as an integral part of the hull. The leading edge and the bottom of the keel moulding are further strengthened with an extensive external multiaxial laminate incorporating Kevlar™ reinforcement.


This also gives maximum protection against impact while the length and shape of the keel ensure good directional stability and low drag.


Kraken chairman and experienced blue water sailor Dick Beaumont explains...

“Our new ZERO keel design answers the prayers of every blue water sailor. If you've ever got a cold shiver down your spine wondering what would happen if your keel fell off hundreds of miles from the coast, you can rest in your bunk secure in the knowledge that with a Kraken Yacht that can never happen.”




On the performance front, Filip Sochaj explains...


“Kevin Dibley’s involvement with America’s Cup designer Laurie Davidson enabled him to transfer some of that knowledge and detail into this modern cruising keel design.”


In summary Kraken Yachts believes that “No blue water yacht should be built without safety being its very first consideration. The Kraken hull and keel are one piece. It is impossible for them to be separated. It is perhaps the ultimate example of Kraken Yachts’ belt and braces attitude towards the requirements for safe blue water sailing.”


You can also take a look at what makes the Kraken 50 a superb luxury sailing yacht and how the ZERO keel supports this.

Kraken Structural Elements

Image explaining the Keel and what it is made out of
The integrated Kraken Zero Keel

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